Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you judge what the best sites are?

After reviewing hundreds of sites on the net each month, we make judgments on the best handful of sites that we think you’d be most interested in joining. Our recommendations are based on the following criteria:

  • The number of members a site has, since the greater the number of members, the greater your chances of scoring a date with someone in your local area
  • The various ways that you can contact other members, e.g. internal email, instant messenger, webcam chat, online forums, etc.
  • The extent to which free members have access to the site
  • The features available to premium members
  • The completeness of the member profiles, number of photographs and videos posted, etc
  • The built-in search engine that allows you to search for other members by various criteria

2. Are the reviews provided really independent?

Yes! Although, we make no secret of the fact that we take a commission for referring you to the sites we recommend (please see our Disclosure page for more info), this in no way affects our impartial review of the websites we list on this site. There are hundreds of related websites on the internet – we could make just as much money by referring you to any of them, so there is no reason for us to provide biased reviews.

Our review writer is also oblivious to the commissions we make on each referral, so has no way of ranking different services by their commission rates. As such, we maintain impartiality in our reviews.

3. I’m worried about passing on my e-mail address? Will I get spammed?

We do not collect your e-mail addresses, we do not pass on your e-mail addresses and we will not spam you! All the sites we recommend also have a No Spam policy.

4. I’m having problems logging in to the site I just joined

If you are having problems logging in to your chosen site then there are a few options open to you…

Please go to the site that you joined, and click through to the members log-in page. Very often there should be a link on this page to the effect of “Forgotten your password?”. If so, click on this link and you will be prompted for your e-mail address. If you fill in your e-mail address then your log-in details should be sent to you by e-mail. Sometimes the “Forgotten your password?” link will not appear on the log-in page until you have made at least one unsuccessful attempt to log in. If you can’t see this link, then try and log-in with any random log-in details to see if the “Forgotten your password?” link appears and then follow the instructions above.
Please go to the support or contact section of the site you joined and e-mail the administrator for help, giving him as much information as possible about your problem. He should be able to retrieve your log-in details and will be able to e-mail them to you. Please remember that the administrator of this site may live in a different country and so may be in a completely different time-zone to you. As such, please ensure you wait at least 24 hours for a reply.

If none of the above works and you don’t receive a satisfactory response from the administrator of the site you joined, then you should request a full refund. Scroll down for information on how to do this.

5. I’m having technical problems with the site I joined!

If you’re having any technical problems with any website you joined that’s advertised by us, then please visit the support section of the site you joined. Every website advertised by us has a “support” link or a “contact” link (sometimes this is only available from within the members area). Please follow this link and e-mail the administrator of the site you joined with any technical queries you may have. The administrator of the site you joined is an expert on his/her service and will be able to help you far more than we can. Also bear in mind that technical support is included in the purchase price or membership fee of all our recommended sites – you are entitled to this technical support because you paid for it. Please remember that the administrator of the site you joined may live in a different country and so may be in a completely different time-zone to you. As such, please ensure you wait at least 24 hours for a reply. Please be aware that we are an independent, 3rd party review site – we only review and recommend other companies’ websites – we do not own them, and as such we cannot provide technical support.

6. How do I cancel and get a refund from a site?

We only review adult dating sites – we do not own them! As such we are unable to refund your purchase to any site you joined or product you purchased. However, many of the sites we review have a money-back policy. If you are dissatisfied with your chosen product and wish to claim a full refund, please contact the site you joined by going to their support section.

7. Why join a pay site when I could use a free service?

Like most things in life, nothing is really for free. Free adult dating websites do exist, but they are usually start-up websites with very few members. Once an adult dating site becomes large enough, it usually starts charging its members for premium membership.

Any other questions?

If you have any other questions that are not answered here then please contact us. Our contact details can be found in the Contact Us section. For a prompt response, please be sure to e-mail the administrator with any questions you may have. Please note however that if you have any technical questions regarding the sites you’ve joined, or if you have any questions relating directly to a particular site we recommend, then you should e-mail the administrator of the site in question – they are experts on their own sites and will be able to provide you with more help than we can! You can find the administrator’s contact details by going to the support section of the site you joined.

Thanks for reading, and happy hunting!

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